9:00Traditional Mahjong: Simon Lagendijk 604-941-5128
9:15Glen Pine Singers: Lil Cumberbirch 604-464-4729
9:30English Social Club: Richard Strongman 604-312-3227
12:30Bridge: Carole Hubbs 604-552-5518
1:00Cantonese Opera: James Lo 604-282-7121
1:30Glen Pine Friendship Group:
Leader: Joyce Pawlina 604-842-1343
Alternate Leader: Sandra Marsden 604-220-2023
2:15Leisure Group: Jenny Hoh 604-941-2266


9:00Tennis: Kiyo Breting 604-464-4687
11:45American Mahjong: Carol Butterfield 604-837-4026
1:00Crafters: Jennie Davey 604-464-3029
1:00Poker: Simon Lagendijk 604-941-5128
1:30Karaoke: Heidi Tsui 604-474-3238
Assistant Jerry Kwok 778-822-3202 | 604-552-3202
2:00Table Tennis: Lily Kwok 604-944-6128


9:00Art Group: Sahar McCullough 604-760-0965
9:00Chinese Choir: Max Chang 604-942-1995
1:00Bingo: Maria Correia 604-644-5303
Back-up: Sharmini Manoharan 778-840-7626
1:00Mexican Train Dominoes: Lotti Plekan 778-941-9062
2:30Dance Group: Jennifer Lui (604) 475-4794
Heidi Tsui 604-474-3238


9:30Walking group:
co-leader: Raili Damberger 604-941-0081
co-leader: Carole Knight 604-945-6610
1:30Whist with a Twist: Stephanie Nestegard 604-464-4558


9:00Quilters: Brenda Little 604-931-1717
Assistant Kathy Carpenter 604-936-4804
9:30Scrabble: Raili Damberger 604-941-0081
10:00Pickleball: Michael Gatto 604-619-4740
1:30Carpet Bowling: Harry Muntanion 604-461-8665
1:30Mixed Bag Band: Sweeteong Lim 604-464-1657 | 778-318-7328


11:30Canasta: Josie Simnett 604-720-1931
12:00Table Tennis: Tom Nguyen 604-657-9368


Puzzle Corner: Bob Van Eyden 604-942-009
Puzzle Corner: Assistant Amber
Hostess: Lynda Wray 604-475-3421

Glen Pine Thursday Walkers

Please note that our walks start at 9:30 A.M.

For those who want to carpool please email or so arrangements can be made to pick you up at Glen Pine, 1200 Glen Pine Court, Coquitlam. Information about the location of our walks is provided to members by email the morning of the walk if the location has changed due to weather.

Please contact Carole or Raili for more information.

Walking Group: (co-lead) Raili Damberger 604-941-0081
Walking Group: (co-lead) Carole Knight 604-945-6610

Note: We like to socialize after our walks and go for a coffee.