One of the programs we offer at Glen Pine is Leisure Connections for people 60+ who have mild to moderate Dementia/Alzheimer’s.  This program is an innovative one that will enhance the quality of life by offering social, physical, emotional, cognitive and leisure activities, giving people the tools to once again have fun, laugh and make new friends. Participants will gain new skills, and access resources, enabling them to benefit from a new found energy and sense of well being.

This program has us all humbled and bursting with pride. Humbled because every week we see what a difference the program makes in people’s lives and bursting with pride because it is happening within our facility.

Started in 2008, the program is run by one of the original creators along with a team of experienced and caring Volunteers who have worked for many years in the field of older adults with Dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Participants are asked to commit to a weekly three hour session for twelve weeks The cost is $20 per week and we offer a delicious lunch followed by various activities including; Reminiscing. Arm Chair Travel, Crafts/Painting, Chair Exercises to music,  Word Games/Trivia, Special Events,  Intergenerational Programs. Active Games, Theme Parties. Fun Discussions, .Music Appreciation, Volunteer entertainers,  Sing-a-longs and great Socialization.

As it is designed for participants of the program only, it also provides deserving Caregivers a three hour window of opportunity for themselves knowing their loved ones are being well looked after and safe, having fun, enjoying a variety of activities and are in the company of others “in the same boat” as themselves.

This program is supported by the Glen Pine 50+ Society and the City of Coquitlam, funded by grants from the Coquitlam Foundation, public fundraising events and other public and private donations”

An interview and applications process is required before Registration.  It is a 3 hour registered program that is held once a week on a Tuesday from 11:30 to 2:30.  Please note:  This program has been postponed but will begin again at a later date.  Please check this site periodically for program updates.

For more information on this program, please contact the Leisure Connections Coordinator:

Angela Parkinson at 604-464-2246 or by email to acparkinson@hotmail.com

I just want to say how wonderful the leisure connections program has been for my mother , she looks forward to the socializing and the assorted activities/exercises that help her deal with her dementia. I appreciate all the time and effort that is put forward to make this program possible and hope it will continue. Thank you to Angela and her wonderful volunteers “, SC

“My husband has attended the Leisure Connections program for the past 4 years, it is the only planned activity that he will go to as he enjoys it immensely. It is the highlight of his week. I wish this program could be extended to twice a week”. FA.

“Our family felt a sense of relief when my mum joined Leisure Connections, a very caring group with well thought out programming. Mum needs to be reminded each week why she is going to Glen Pine but once she sees the group, the remembrance of her new friends is very strong as she enters the room with enthusiasm and eagerness. She talks about the events of the day long after she has been picked up.”  KK

“My husband has dementia and requires 24 hour care. I was very happy to learn about the Leisure Connections program, he tells me he really enjoys it.  He says the people there are very nice and friendly. As for me I am very relieved, this program has enabled me to have some time to myself. I hope this program continues for a long time  as it benefits both the participant and the caregiver. thank you. ” RY

” My husband was a very social person before he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but his memory loss prevents him from those fun pastimes. The Leisure Connections group has made it possible for him to socialize again with others in a similar situation.  Thank you to all that make this wonderful program possible, Sincerely ” JK

“Just knowing that my Mum is safe, happy and enjoying an active day and is in good hands. Is such piece of mind for me. Thank you for all that you do .” PK

“Leisure Connections is a program for early dementia clients for whom there are very few programs, especially of this caliber. As the program was unknown to me wife she was hesitant to join, now she has been in the group 3 months she leaves the program laughing with a large smile on her face and always has a story to tell.  The 3 hour break is a very valuable asset of this program”. Sincerely JD
“I would highly recommend this program to any families in the Tri-Cities area.” Sincerely CC.
“For me knowing that my husband is fully engaged and enjoying varied fun filled hours and is treated respectfully, give me most welcome emotional and physical respite”. Leisure Connections affords us both a spot of sunshine and stress relief .It is our weekly delight-filled ,dependable safety valve!
 Please keep those program running , not just for us , but for other families who need it. Thank you. HM.